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Thanks for checking out The Foggy Forest! You’ve come to the right Canadian mail order marijuana website if you are looking for an alternative to smoking.

Smoking weed isn’t for everyone. Not everyone can roll a joint and some people just can’t handle the smell or inhaling smoke. Of course, there are other means of getting stoned, such as edibles. However, I’m sure many people can come up with stories on how they greened out eating a high dose of brownie. Digesting THC can take a long time to hit and if you don’t know how much you’ve ingested, it could feel like you just got hit by a train when it kicks in.

Vaping THC concentrates is a simple way to enjoy marijuana. The high kicks in very quickly allowing you to figure out how much you want to vape. THC can be extracted from the plant using a variety of different methods. The end products all have different names, depending on those methods. Here at TFF, we use shatter and pure distillates.

If you are a newbie or don’t use marijuana a lot, we highly recommend that you start with one of our liquid shatter starter kits. We have many different flavours and strains to choose from, depending on the high you prefer. It comes with approximately 300 mg of THC in 1 ml of juice, so it’s perfect for easing your way in. Make sure you read our descriptions so you can get something that best suits your needs, whether it’s for recreational or medicinal.

If you are a more experienced weed connoisseur, then you must try one of our distillate starter kits. Distillate is the purest form of THC available on the market. You can see how distillate is made by watching this outstanding video.

In order to purchase any of our products, you must first become a member. To be a member, you must be over 18 or 19, depending on the province you live in. You will be required to send in a photo of your ID. We only ship to addresses in Canada. No exceptions.

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