Why We Prefer vaping THC instead of Smoking Weed - The Foggy Forest

What’s truly better when it comes to vaping THC vs. smoking weed? Is vaping THC actually better for you than smoking weed? Or are they the same thing? If weed smokers are anything, they are very creative. Always finding ways to get high, and vaping is no different. For many long-time burners, they are always on the lookout for a new way to get stoned. So why do we (The Foggy Forest) prefer vaping vs smoking weed?

Differences Between Vaping and Smoking Weed

When you burn weed to smoke it, you apply heat to the flower. The heat burns the bud and you have combustion. It is the combustion that releases and activates the THC and a bunch of other cannabinoids. The issue with combustion is that it releases toxins, carcinogens, tars, and particulates which can be considered harmful.

Any dried plant material that undergoes the combustion process will release these chemicals. When you light up a joint or a cigarette the heat destroys the chemicals that bond the substance together. These bonds are what keeps the organic molecules of the plant together. After the heat breaks down the molecules, reactive fragments remain, called free radicals. Free radicals bond to themselves and other molecules and form some of the dangerous byproducts.

With the advancement of technology and research today, scientist have found a way to extract THC from the marijuana plant in many ways. We carry “old school” concentrates like liquid shatter and a potent form is called distillate.

THC concentrates are very potent. These processes (shatter, budder, wax, oil, etc.) remove most the organic plant material leaving us the cannabinoids (THC, CBD, CBN) and the terpenes. Only distillate removes 100% of the organic material from the plant. That means, gram for gram, concentrates are much more potent. While flower potency can get as high as 25% for some strains, shatter clocks in at 80% and distillate can get as high as 95%! Higher potency means you will need to vape less than you would need to smoke to achieve the same high. Since our liquid shatter and distillates are both liquids, it allows us to be able to vape it.

Advantages of vaping

Smell: One of the first things you will notice when you vape weed for the first time is the smell… or lack of it! This is one of the great things about it. It is truly discreet. You will never have to be self-conscious about walking into a social event smelling like a joint ever again. Since there is no burn, you won’t have to worry about stepping outside to spark one.

Convenience: No more papers, no more sticky fingers, no more dirty bongs. It’s as easy as hitting a button and inhaling. The ceramic coil in the cartridge instantly heats up to the perfect temperature.

Potency: Vape juice is very potent! You will need just a few hits and you’ll feel elevated. This also means you will need less to get high.

No smoke = healthier: This is a huge advantage. Vaporizing weed is not only less carcinogenic, it also feels better. Combustion occurs at a temperature of 392 degrees for most marijuana strains. This is the point in the combustion process when tars and carcinogens begin to release The average joint burns around 2,012 degrees.


After comparing the two methods, we feel that vaping pot has many more advantages than smoking pot. This is why at The Foggy Forest, we’ve decided that we are just going to specialize in awesome THC vapes for our customers. Don’t get us wrong though, burning a joint is also great and gives you a high that can only be achieved by burning bud. We just much prefer vaping it, that said, there’s nothing wrong with switching between the two.