In only a few short months, Canadians are going to find many new cannabis products popping up. Are you looking forward to the growing selection of tinctures, oils, vapes, and other new products set to launch at the end of the year? 

Canadians will be smoking, vaping, and eating their way through a smorgasbord of new products. With so much to choose from, you might need a little refresher on what all these new products entail. 

Two of the most exciting options that we already offer are cannabis tinctures and cannabis for vaping

Not exactly sure the differences between the two? Here is what you need to know.

What are the Differences in Method?

These two products require two distinct methods of consumption. Tinctures are liquids that typically come in a dose-dropper similar to what you might find included with herbal remedies and medicines.

Concentrates destined for vaping come in many different shapes and textures including oils, waxes, butters, sugars, and shatters.  You can also vape pure flower as well, depending on the vaporizer.

The standard way to take a weed tincture is by dropping a dose under the tongue and allowing it to absorb slowly. You can also get creative and combine into a delicious smoothie or juice if you prefer to cover up the earthy taste. 

Vaping concentrates (or flower) is a process of inhalation. The vaporizer heats up and vaporizes the cannabinoids from the flower or concentrate.  Instead of inhaling smoke, you end up inhaling less harmful vapours. The cannabinoids, like THC and CBD, are absorbed through your respiratory tract.

The strength of the high will largely depend on the THC-potency of the product. With the launch of these new products, there will be many highly-potent products to choose between.

How Does the Experience Differ?

If you choose to vape, you’ll find the intoxicating effects come on very quickly. The high lasts for two to six hours, depending on tolerance and potency. 

Tinctures, on the other hand, generally fall into the edible category, because much of it gets absorbed through the digestive tract. This means the high is slow to onset but lingers for upwards of six to ten hours. Again, the duration and intensity will depend on how potent the product was.

If you are careful with a tincture, and dose sublingually you’ll find the experience manifests much faster. Try to keep the liquid under your tongue, and allow it to absorb completely before swallowing.

Tinctures come in a range of potencies, from mild CBD tinctures to super-strong THC versions. Either way, they tend to be popular methods of consumption among medical marijuana patients because they are easy and accurate to dose. If needed, patients can also take larger doses.

Vaping is much more prevalent in the recreational crowd. It’s better for your lungs than smoking weed, and many people have come to love the devices and concentrates associated with vape culture. Because vaping typically delivers smaller hits, it’s also a pleasant recreational option in social situations. So long as you are careful, vaping is a perfect social lubricator.

What Are Your Going to Choose?

As you investigate these many new and exciting products coming to the Canadian cannabis marketplace, what’s on the menu? If you want to have control and precision over the experience, tinctures are a great choice. Vaping concentrates is the perfect choice for social situations and ongoing daily use. Vaping is more about the journey, not the destination. 

But, ultimately, with so much choice, you can play with them all. Try one of everything to see what feels best. The best part of the buffet of cannabis products here at The Foggy Forest is finding one that works for you.