Recently, there has been some very unsettling news coming out of the United States with deaths and illness related to vaping cannabis. We spent the better part of our weekend talking to suppliers and reading articles, reports, and forums to get to the bottom of this.

The NY Times has written that the NY Department of Health has found vape cartridges with “very high levels” of vitamin E aka tocopheryl-acetate. Although no one knows for certain at this time if this is the culprit, it seems to be the primary suspect as of now. Distillates need to be cut down in order for it to be vapable in a cartridge. The proper way to do this is to use natural terpenes of about 5-7%. Some cart makers, however, will use a cutting agent like MCT oil to make more cartridges. When this is done, the liquid is not much thinner. Because of this, a thickener, like vitamin E, is added to make their product “look” thicker and more potent.

We wanted to let all our customers know that we DO NOT use vitamin E or MCT in any of our products. The contents of our vapes have always been listed on our product description, and it has not changed since we started this company. We make our distillate vapes with pure THC distillate, and about 5-7% organic terpenes are added to give it its wonderful flavour and to make it vapable. Our liquid shatter, live resin, e-juice, CBD, and fog pods are all made with PG and PEG. PG/PEG is what you will find in e-cigarettes and Juuls. Our e-juice supplier has sold millions of bottles in the last 5 years with no issues. These new crop of health issues are just popping up now due to these new companies, like Honey Cut and Clear Cut, who are selling thickeners made with vitamin E.

We are currently seeking a lab partner to test our products so that we can ensure confidence with our customers. We take your well-being as seriously as we take ours.