Are Weed Vape Pens Worth It? - Benefits of Cannabis | Vape Pens
Cannabis Weed Pens for vaping

The legal cannabis industry has made it possible to have a variety of weed vape pens flooding almost all dispensaries. Different brands and cartridges are available to meet consumer’s needs. However, with the recent lung crisis linked to vape pens, there have been increased concerns about the safety or otherwise of weed vape pens.

Some people also wonder if vape pens are worth the investment. Should you remain with the past and go the old-fashioned way of smoking cannabis flower or go with the future and choose weed vape pens?

Most weed gourmets already know the answers to these questions, but for the sake of those who do not, here are the uncensored facts.

Health Benefits

First, weed vape pens offer the best ways to toke without smoke. Inhaling any kind of smoke is unhealthy for your lungs. Cigarette smoke, for example, poses health risks for both the smoker and others who inadvertently inhale the toxins produced by burning tobacco. And although inhaling cigarette smoke is harmful to human health, it is nothing compared to the smoke from marijuana or cannabis.

Thanks to science and technology, weed vape pens completely remove the risk of inhaling harmful toxins. In fact, the content of vapes is generally purer than inhaling cannabis flowers. As a bonus, vaping has been shown to improve respiratory function in some ex-smokers. Vaping weed is by far safer and healthier than smoking.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) vape pens such as the Liquid Shatter starter kits or the CO2 Oil starter kits are excellent additions to your repertoire if you are new to vaping. These products ensure that you have that old-school taste, and you can use them on the go without leaving behind any strong odor on your environment.

Portability and Discretion

Are Weed Vape Pens Worth It? - Benefits of Cannabis | Vape Pens, Weed Vape Pens
portable distillate pen

For most users, the two main attractions for using weed vape pens are the portability of the pens and the discreteness of use. Vape pens are similar to e-cigarettes in design – thin, small, and discreet. This means they can easily slide into your pocket, purse, or any small carrier. You don’t have to worry about carrying a lighter or having after-smells on your clothes.

Instead of fumbling around looking for a lighter each time you want to indulge, you can simply take out your CBD vape pen or THC pen, push a small button, and do your thing conveniently. And you can do all that without worrying about causing an offensive smell or upsetting any passerby. If you are having a bad day, you can quickly and discretely get over your anxiety or depression with any of these weed vape pens without necessarily getting high.

Consistency and Longevity

The smell that hits you when you first open a package of cannabis flower is elating! The problem, however, is it doesn’t remain that way for long. With time, the potency and taste of the flower weaken. On the other hand, weed vape pens help to retain both flavor and strength.

The effect you get from your last inhale is as strong as the first one when you use a vape pen. This is so because the concentrates or weed extracts that are vaporized and captured in the vape pens are more stable than the cannabis flower. When you burn and smoke cannabis flower, you are losing some of the product due to carbonization. But with weed vape pens, you are sure of getting pure concentrates without stem remnants.


Many flower smokers like to try out new strains. Thankfully, vape cartridges come in a wide variety of strains ranging from Hybrid, Sativa, or Indica. So you don’t have to worry about buying a CBD Sativa, for example, when what you prefer is a CBD Indica.

Disposable Vape Pen and Interchangeable Options

Vape pens can be as cheap as $15 or as expensive as $200. If you are not sure about vape pens or are still experimenting with vaping, consider trying the more affordable options to see if you like the product and what it offers. That means you don’t have to make a considerable investment in weed vape pens before knowing for sure if the product suits your needs.

There’s good news if you are buying the more expensive versions of these vaping devices. They are designed to follow the 510 threading industry standard, which makes them interchangeable. In other words, you can switch one cartridge with any battery. This means that while you are recharging one battery for your vaping device, you can conveniently use the cartridge of that vape pen with another battery.

Another great thing about weed vape pens is that they are built with consistency in mind. The batteries are durable, such that even with fairly constant use, they can last up to three or more days on a full charge.

As with all electronics, it is impossible to rule out faulty products. However, in the case of faulty vape pens, most dispensaries usually allow up to two weeks for consumers to test the cartridge. You can exchange a defective pen with a good one if necessary. We offer a 60-day warranty on our Verified batteries that come with our starter kits.

Wrapping Up

The modern and most convenient way of consuming cannabis is the smoke and toxic-free method. Weed vape pens account for up 400% sales growth in the legal cannabis industry. This statistics speaks volume about the worth of the product. It is a safe and popular option among cannabis users. There is an abundance of cartridges from which any user can choose.