When you buy vape pens online in Canada, the first point to note is the sheer variety. How can you sort through the categories? How do you choose between a Liquid Shatter and a Distillate pen? Should you go THC, CBD, or a well-balanced mixture? What is the absolute best type of vape pen?

Admittedly, too much variety is a good problem, but you’ll need a bit more information to settle on the perfect weed pen. Knowing the differences from one type to another certainly makes the decision-making process a wee-bit easier.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a quick and dirty guide for anyone wanting to buy vape pens online in Canada. Each category of vape pen is broken down specifics: effects, ingredients, flavour, and more. If you’ve ever gotten stuck toggling between two different vape products — this guide is your resource.

A Quick Note on Cannabinoids

Cannabinoids are the primary compounds extracted from the plant for medicinal and recreational value. The two biggest cannabinoids may sound more familiar: THC and CBD. 

THC is the intoxicating compound that, when inhaled, makes you feel high. CBD is the calmer sister cannabinoid, with no intoxicating value. CBD actually helps balance out a high stemming from THC. Together they create a beautiful balance that is extremely relaxing and useful for those who dislike the intensity of a pure THC vape pen.

You’ll see all vape pens, no matter their model, make, or ingredient listing, mention one of these cannabinoids. They should indicate the total THC or CBD in the cartridge, which will help you get a sense of potency when you buy vape pens online in Canada. If you see a ratio, like 1:1 or 3:1 this indicates the balance between THC and CBD.

Choosing the Best Weed Pen: A Guide

Now, let’s get into the basic breakdown of the most common weed pens available in Canada. By no means is this list exhaustive, but it should help you find the best weed pen and one best suited to your lifestyle and needs.

CBD Vape Pen

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As the name suggests, CBD vape pens are a purely CBD experience. With no measurable level of THC, they are non-intoxicating. CBD vape pens come in various formats, but you can rest easy knowing you’ll never get high. They are generally used for medicinal purposes, like anxiety, stress, sleep, and inflammatory conditions.

  • Effects: Super chill, with no cognitive impairment. Depending on dose a CBD vape pen may help induce sleep, but it is not sedative. 
  • Ingredients: Foggy Forest sells a variety of CBD options, including CBD isolate carts (which contain no other ingredients) and full spectrum carts, which may include other naturally occurring compounds (terpenes). The full spectrum options also contain propylene glycol (PG) to improve viscosity.
  • Flavour: Full spectrum CBD pens contain natural terpenes, which are the aromatic compounds. Depending on extract, you will taste an earthy, natural flavour with a full spectrum product. Isolates and distillates contain no other ingredients and therefore have a minimal taste.

THC Weed Pen

On the other end of the spectrum are THC vapes. These pens contain the intoxicating cannabinoid, and therefore will stimulate a high. Depending on potency and use, you may find the high a bit overwhelming. If you have no familiarity with THC, take it slow. THC is used for both recreational and medicinal reasons. 

  • Effects: Expect a mild to moderate intoxication, with a fast period of onset. You may feel giggling, euphoric, uplifted, and relaxed. Indica weed pens will promote sleepy-vibes, and sativas tend to lean more energetic. 
  • Ingredients: All THC vape pens except distillate and CO2 oil contain PG. Live resin, distillate, and liquid shatter may contain terpenes.
  • Flavour: Once again, it depends on the format. THC distillate products have reintroduced flavour. Other varieties, especially Live Resin, will have a delicious terpene-rich flavor profile. 

Liquid Shatter Vape Pen

Liquid shatter describes the type of extraction. Outside of the vape pen world, shatter is an extremely popular BHO extraction. It’s crystal clear, highly potent, with a snappy consistency. A liquid shatter is simply a more liquid version of that same extraction. 

  • Effects: Typically, liquid shatter is a THC-rich concentrate. It will produce a strong and pleasant high, perfect for relaxing and targeting chronic conditions.
  • Ingredients: Liquid shatter vape pens contain PG and a full spectrum of prominent natural compounds pulled from the plant material during extraction. 
  • Flavour: Because liquid shatter is a full spectrum product, expect a delicious flavor profile, like pungent pine or skunky sweet flavors. 

CO2 Vape Pen

Yet another extraction method uses CO2 instead of hydrocarbons. CO2 produces another highly potent concentrate, but naturally liquid one. These are an excellent alternative for people who prefer to avoid any additives in their vape pens.

  • Effects: Depending on the dominant cannabinoid, you can expect different effects. THC will get you stoned, while CBD will only induce serious relaxation. 
  • Ingredients: CO2 is a liquid concentrate, and contains no other ingredients besides a full spectrum of natural compounds lingering from the source material (terpenes, and the like).
  • Flavour: Expect a flavourful experience thanks to a full spectrum of terpenes that remain following extraction.

Distillate and Isolate Vape Pens

The purest and most potent vape pens are distillates. These contain cannabinoid concentrates with up to 99 percent purity. They are exactly what the doctor ordered, should you need big doses of medicine. 

  • Effects: THC distillate vape pens are intensely potent, and deliver a powerful high. CBD isolate vape pens are still just as pure, but with no risk of intoxication.
  • Ingredients: THC distillates contain no other ingredients, save for added terpenes for a dose of flavor. CBD isolates contain PG to improve consistency.
  • Flavor: Distillates and isolates often contain no additional ingredients, and therefore have little to no taste. However, you may find delicious THC distillates with terpenes which have been reintroduced following extraction. These will have bright bursts of flavor on inhale.

Live Resin Vape Pen

One of the most delicious options on the table is the always tasty live resin vape pens. Live resin is a specialized extraction that preserves terpenes to a much greater extent than all other methods. That means a big flavor from each and every inhale.

  • Effects: Live resin is a full spectrum of effects, although generally much less potent than a distillate. You can expect to feel deeply relaxad, pain relief, and a mellow high.
  • Ingredients: Live resin all the juicy terpenes you want and love, plus PG for consistency.
  • Flavour: Vapers so cherish live resin vape pens because of their intense flavor. Live resin will taste like the original cannabis flower used during extraction.

With This Intel, Go Forth & Buy Vape Pens in Canada!

Now that you know the differences between a live resin, a distillate, and a liquid shatter, you can choose the best vape pen. For example, live resin is best for flavour-chasers, and distillates better for those seeking an unadulterated high. If you prefer something in between, look for a full spectrum vape pen. Better yet, try experimenting. You never know what style of vape pen could become your next new favourite.