2018 was a big year in Canada. Collectively, Canadians woke up to light up, and we all celebrated the legalization of recreational cannabis. The few retailers open on day one, witnessed line ups around the block. Canadians were falling over themselves to finally get their hands on the legal bud. 

At the time, Canadian online dispensaries weren’t yet up and running. It was only over the following few years that Canadian online dispensaries have crept into the public psyche. As storefronts have been slow to open, and constantly lack inventory, the online model has become a go-to for Canadians seeking premium bud. 

These online bud shops have filled the voids left by lack-luster brick-and-mortar locations. As anyone who has bought weed online will tell you, there is something to be said about the online experience compared with off. 

So what’s the deal? What do you need to know about shopping for marijuana through an online dispensary, compared with a local retailer?

The 5 Benefits of Buying Weed Online in Canada

Buying Bud Online in Canada and Buying weed online in Canada

If the last year has taught us anything, online shopping is in many ways far superior to leaving our house. But what are the immediate benefits of shopping for weed through a Canadian online dispensary?

1. Insane Selection

If no other reason convinces you about the power of shopping for cannabis online in Canada, then the sheer selection should. Where else can you enjoy premium indicas, energetic sativas, delicious edibles, and smooth vapes in the same space? 

If you’ve ever found yourself disappointed with the selection at the shop located in your city, consider what you can find online. As only one example, you don’t just have one vape pen to choose from – but dozens! CBD vapes, THC weed pens, distillate, live resins, and liquid shatters. That’s just a taste of what the online dispensary can provide.

2. Superior Discretion

Long ago, buying anything related to cannabis was a back-alley, secret affair. Nobody knew about your purchases except your dealer. With the launch of legal cannabis came the introduction of cannabis into public life. Now you drive to the dispensary, park in front of it, and walk through the front doors. You could run into just about anyone in the process, from your boss to your conservative Uncle.

Understandably, not everyone wants their friends, family, or coworkers to see them at a cannabis retailer, which is fair! It’s one of the main benefits of buying weed online in Canada — the total discretion. You order from the comfort of your home, and packages are delivered to your mailbox in super-discreet wrapping. Plus, as you buy direct using an e transfer, you don’t even have to explain a credit card charge to a loved one.

3. Affordable Prices

Buying online also helps with the price tag. Cannabis in Canada is more expensive than ever before, thanks t the added levels of regulation, which have added new layers of expenses. Especially for patients who need big doses on a daily basis, these new costs can quickly add up.

Online dispensaries offer significant savings to Canadians. Without a brick and mortar store to pay for, naturally, these business savings are passed down to customers. 

Plus, you can shop around! There are still very limited cannabis storefronts in most municipalities (if they have any at all), making it hard to comparison shop for the best possible price. At least the world wide web offers all Canadians an equal playing field, and the chance to check out prices from a variety of providers.

4. Premium Quality

Another issue you may have run into with the current state of affairs in Canada is the quality of the products coming through the brick and mortar retailers. It can take a long time for a beautiful bud to reach the customer. In that time, it may significantly degrade, with a much lower terpene and cannabinoid content than immediately after harvesting. Crumbly, harsh smoking nugs are common complaints.

But, that’s not the case with most online Canadian dispensaries. Typically the people behind the online bud shop are passionate about their flower. They have long time connections to the best cultivators and producers in the industry, from across the country. With these networks and the capacity to source products from coast to coast – the quality of cannabis purchased online is far superior to that shop down the street.

5. Direct Delivery

A final benefit worth noting is the ability to order the best weed in Canada without getting off your couch. There is a big wild world of cannabis for you to bring home from your phone or any mobile device. Order after dinner or on a break at work, the process takes only a few minutes. 

Edibles, vapes, sativas, indicas, and concentrates are literally a click away. No commute, no traffic, no parking — Canada Post does all the work for you.

Buying Weed Online in Canada, A Final Note

If you have never bought marijuana online, what can you expect compared to an in-person experience? Beyond all the benefits listed above, there is a second important detail. Canadian online dispensaries all accept payment through an etransfer to guarantee the safety and security of customer information. 

Unfortunately, credit card companies and PayPal remain very conservative in their approach to cannabis, which means we stick with Canadian banks as an added security measure. How does that work in practice?  

  1. Payment instructions will be sent by email after you have ordered.
  2. Once your payment is accepted, we will prepare your shipment and have it sent within the promised time stated on your order confirmation.
  3. Confirmation and tracking number follow. 

What’s Holding You Back?

Now is your chance to buy weed online in Canada. The ordering process is both safe and secure, thanks to the strict procedures we’ve put in place. Our packages all arrive vacuum-sealed in a discreet envelope. Plus, just about any flower, edible, tincture, and vape pen you desire is ready at the click of a button. If you’ve never ordered before, it’s time to get started!