As the first official year of legal weed concentrates, Canadians are now appreciating the art of the vape. Weed pens in Canada have evolved from the low-grade hunks of junk of yesteryear to well-crafted, technologically advanced devices. Today’s vape sesh is a superbly smooth vaping experience. With the launch of several award-winning refillable concentrate handheld vaporizers this year, concentrate pens (or dab pens) are making waves among Canadians who love super-potent products.

If you are looking to buy weed pens in Canada, The Foggy Forest inventory of concentrate vaporizers caters to only the best weed pens in Canada. Tried, tested, and reviewed by yours truly, standards are important when it comes to dab pens. We know a good product when we see it and only carry pens focused on smooth pulls, custom settings, and unparalleled designs. 

Why Upgrade Your Weed Pen?

But why would you want to upgrade your THC vape pen to begin with? Suppose your introduction into the big wide world of vaping began with disposable weed pens, like CO2, live resin, and distillate varieties. In that case, you’re probably already a vaping convert. You appreciate a smooth, tasty experience, and one which protects your respiratory tract from harsh particulate. You also probably care about flavor, which means you look for delicious terpene profiles to inhale.

While disposable THC vapes serve as the perfect introduction to the benefits of vaping — it’s time to elevate your experience with the portable, refillable varieties. That means dry-herb vaporizers and cannabis concentrates vaporizers. Refillable, handheld models, put the power in your hands to choose the concentrate, set the temperature, and carefully vaporize the most volatile compounds for a tasty experience.

Weed pens give you total control over what you vape and how it’s vaped. Although they require more of an upfront investment than the disposable varieties, over time, you’ll reap the savings with a refillable dab pen. Not to mention, as you move away from disposable pens, you are saving the environment one session at a time. 

2020 Review: The Best Weed Pens in Canada 

So, you wanna buy weed pens in Canada but with so much recent innovation, where do you start? The best weed pens in Canada in 2020 typically have three essential characteristics: custom controls, lightweight and portable, and finally, a stylish exterior.

KandyPens Rubi Vaporizer Review

Why We Chose This Concentrate Vaporizer

Best of Weed Pens in Canada 2020 :  KandyPens, Dr. Dabber and More
  • Featherweight and incredibly compact
  • Ideal for vaping oils and e-liquids
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Manufactured in the USA

KandyPens Rubi is a tiny and incredibly lightweight device, coming in at only four inches tall. That makes it perfect for slipping into a pocket and is comfortable to hold in the palm of your hand. 

The team behind the Rubi built this handheld vaporizer specifically for oils and liquids. This means, if you are familiar with the disposable variety, the Rubi is the next step up in your vaping career. The refillable oil cartridge has a substantial one-milliliter capacity. It’s also designed with a leak-proof technology that guarantees no splash-back.

In 2020, The Vape Guide awarded this weed pen the Best Oil Vape of the year — and rightfully so. It has a modern and simple form. For example, it’s air-activated on inhale, meaning it has no power button. After eight seconds, this device is smart enough to automatically shut off to save battery life. If you are looking for an affordable concentrate pen, without compromising on the experience, the KandyPen Rubi is it.

Find out more about the KandyPens Rudi Oil Pen Here.

Crystal by KandyPens Concentrate Vaporizer Review

Why We Chose This Concentrate Vaporizer 

Kandy Pens Concentrate Vaporizer
  • Choose from four temperature options
  • Ideal for concentrates, wax, and extracts like our live resin
  • Quartz wax atomizer technology
  • Next-Generation Sub-Ohm Essential Oil Vaporizer

Another design by KandyPens and yet another round of awards. The Crystal by KandyPens received the Best Dab Pen of 2020 by Vaping360, the Best Vape Pen of 2020 by The Vape Critic, and finally, The Best Wax/Dab Pen of 2020 by The Vape Guide. Clearly, this has become the weed pen of choice for cannabis connoisseurs.

Part of the reason why Canadians love this weed pen is thanks to the Next-Generation Sub-Ohm Essential Oil Vaporizer, with four temperature settings to make sure you hit the ideal setting for your concentrate of choice. It works with all types of concentrates, from live resins to shatter to waxes and more. 

The Crystal also boasts some of the best battery life in the market, thanks to a 900mAh component. Finally, the heating element relies on an all quartz crystal glass atomizer, which means no coil, wick, or other outdated technology.

Find out more about the KandyPen Crystal Vape Pen here.

AHOL Collaboration by Dr. Dabber Review

Why We Chose This Concentrate Vaporizer

Wax Pen Vape
  • Limited Edition collaboration
  • Dual Quartz Rod, Dual Ceramic Rod & Ceramic Halo
  • Bonus components: Stash can, tool, and concentrate mat
  • Ideal for solid concentrates like our live resins

A limited-edition collaboration between world-famous graffiti artist AHOL and Dr. Dabber comes with a surprise bag of bonus goodies. This weed pen comes with a complete kit, including a matching stash can, a dab mat, dab tools, and a shatterproof silicone container. Yes, it’s a dab pen, but it’s also a statement piece.

The pen itself works with solid concentrates, like waxes, budders, and shatters. It has two heating options, the dual Ceramic Heating Rod and the quartz heating rod, both with a quartz dish atomizer. Each option magnetically clips in for ease of switching. Did we mention the pen itself offers three different temperature settings? All for a custom vape experience. Dr. Dabber and AHOL combined their powers to create a stand-out weed pen, with all the latest technologies.

Find out more about the AHOL x Dr. Dabber Dab Pen here

Amber Rose by KandyPens Review

Kandy Pens - Wax Pen

Why We Chose This Concentrate Vaporizer

  • Upgraded Mouthpiece With Air Carb
  • Sesh mode
  • all-quartz crystal coilless chamber heat
  • Delivers maximum flavor

Amber Rose designed a sleek, sensual weed pen for KandyPens decked out in champagne and gold for those seeking a vape pen with style. It’s versatile, working with both liquids and concentrates. Plus, it also has three pre-set temperature settings (300°, 350°, 390°, 430°) to perfect that session. Speaking of which, Amber Rose included the every-valuable sesh mode in the settings of her device.

Want more? She also added an upgraded mouthpiece that includes and Air Carb, for that incredibly smooth vaping experience. The pen uses advanced heating technology, with an all quartz crystal coilless chamber with Dual Quartz Rods. Few other vape pens incorporate this technology at this price point.

Find out more about the Amber Rose Weed Pen here.

Dab Pens Are Rapidly Changing the Way Canadians Consumer Concentrates

The best weed pens in Canada all deliver a portable, customizable, and sleek vaping experience. New technologies offer us a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to enjoying premium cannabis concentrates. It’s not just about dab rigs anymore, portable refillable weed pens mean we can appreciate dabs on the move!

With custom temperature settings opening up the terpene profile, coilless heating chambers improving inhale, and a variety of innovative mouthpieces — your next session can be as unique as you are. If you’ve been considering a move to a handheld concentrate vaporizer, what are you waiting for? Buy weed pens in Canada right here at The Foggy Forest.