When buying weed, vape distillate pens and THC e-juice online in Canada we know that there are many options out there. When we started The Foggy Forest, we made a commitment to make high-quality products, provide the best customer service anywhere on the internet, and be competitive when it comes to price. In the last few months, we have worked hard to become more efficient and have renegotiated our costs with our suppliers. Because of this, we are able to offer our most popular products at even lower prices to you!

As you can see, our liquid shatter vape cartridges are now $45 and liquid live resin for $55. That is at least 10% less than before. We are also discounting our vape pen starters kits by $5 as well.

For e-juice vapers, we are lowering our prices on THC Vape Juice and our CBD THC Blends e-juice by a minimum of $15. The 3000mg THC vape juice is now only $140! We have the best price, by far, for e-juice on the web… and most well-reviewed as well.

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