If you love vaping weed and have a nicotine habit, maybe you’ve been wondering if you can vape THC with a JEWEL pod. Using your JEWEL e-cigarette for cannabis is a magical merging of a nicotine vape with cannabis juice. For many people, it makes sense to transform a single-purpose device like the JEWEL into a dual-purpose tool. Plus, THC Jewel pods (or CBD pods) may even convince you to kick the nicotine habit for good!

While the company behind the world’s biggest e-cigarette brand doesn’t produce any THC e juice pods themselves (or even CBD pods for that matter), that hasn’t stopped cannabis-enthusiasts from getting crafty. JEWEL compatible e juice pods filled with weed are a rapidly growing niche spanning the divide between these two vaping worlds. 

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Can you really transition your nicotine vape into a cannabis one?

Can you Fill a JEWEL Pod with Weed?

Almost as soon as e-cigarette companies launched, people began tinkering with the devices. There had to be a way to fill the nicotine cartridges with THC — to transform it from a nicotine vape experience into a cannabis-friendly one. Sure enough, over the years, stoners have successfully jerry-rigged each progressive JEWEL pen into something capable of vaping weed.

If you are envisioning a pod filled with cannabis flower, this isn’t it. JEWEL pods work with liquid e juice, whether nicotine e juice, THC e juice, or CBD e juice. The consistency is integral to the function of the heating element and the vapour. 

But (and this is a very important note), JEWEL and other e-cigarette devices were never designed for manipulation. Filling a JEWEL pod with weed is a rather complicated process, which requires technical skill, special ingredients, and patience. If you start jail-breaking a JEWEL device, you risk destroying various components. It’s why many people skip the ‘how to fill a Jewel Pod with weed’ video tutorials and end up buying Jewel pods in Canada. 

Keep in mind that because JEWEL doesn’t sell any THC or CBD pods, everything you buy only is from a third-party. Fog Pods, the Foggy Forest branded cartridges designed for these devices only work with a JEWEL battery (1st generation). Our pods will not work with the new JEWEL Bluetooth connected devices. 

How to Fill a JEWEL Pod With Weed

Learning how to fill a jewel safely and cleanly with weed is complicated. Don’t believe us? Here is a brief overview of the process.

First, gather the necessary ingredients and tools. You’ll need to source e-liquid, which forms the basis of the e juice. Without the e juice, your THC JEWEL Pod will not function as intended during the vape session. Thanks to the vaping crisis, we know a lot more about how some substances can be dangerous to the respiratory tract, like vegetable Glycol and Vitamin E Acetate. If possible, source a clean PG or PEG 400 solution.

Of course, because this is for a THC (or CBD) J Pod, you’ll also need to source a cannabis concentrate. Most concentrates will work, including BHO, shatter, live resin, and distillates. 

Step two: activate your chemistry skills. Combine both e juice and cannabis concentrate in a disposable and heat-proof container. Heat is required to combine these ingredients together completely. Some people use a lighter to fuse the two substances. Others put the ingredients into a slow cooker. 

Final step: jail-break your JEWEL pod. Unfortunately, this step is the least user-friendly. After all, the company behind your favourite nicotine pods actively works to make these containers tamper-proof. Using a flat head screwdriver or another similar tool, work off the cap from the cartridges’ body. Then, remove the rubber seal. This step presents the most risk of damage to the J pod. A damaged THC JEWEL pod may leak or fail during use. Fill the pod with your homemade THC e juice, reseal.

Technically, you can refill an empty pod with THC. But it’s a messy multi-step process prone to disaster. Sourcing the ingredients, tinkering with the pod itself, and the time investment may not be worth it — especially when THC JEWEL pods are only a click away. Fog Pods need no chemistry degree, no technicians certification, and reduce the risk of pod-damage.

Benefits of THC and CBD JUUL Pods

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Vaping THC and CBD has many medicinal benefits.

The most notable benefit of making the switch from nicotine e-cigarette pods to THC pods is clear — you’ll be moving from a highly addictive, carcinogenic recreational activity to an entirely medicinal one. E-cigarettes may be better for you than traditional cigarettes, but the contents are still linked to chronic disease, respiratory conditions, and even death.

The only characteristic cannabis shares with cigarettes are the methods of ingestion. You can vape and smoke weed, just like you can vape and smoke tobacco. But, the similarities end there.

Cannabis has dozens of therapeutic applications, thanks to the many unique compounds it contains. These compounds, known as cannabinoids, work seamlessly with the human endocannabinoid system for medicinal value. 

The reason why Canadians are flipping to THC JEWEL Pods and CBD Pods is (in part) for the medicinal value. 

  • Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is an intoxicating cannabinoid responsible for the high. It is also highly valued for pain relief, stress relief, mood balancing, and sleep-aiding properties. 
  • Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid. Canadians love CBD because it delivers stress relief, soothes inflammation, and reduces anxiety — all without the high. Both compounds have proven medicinal benefits within the scientific literature.

Where to Buy THC and CBD JEWEL Pods in Canada

Thanks to Canada’s legal cannabis market, THC JEWEL pods and CBD pods are widely available. The Canadian demand is insatiable. You are not the only Canadian looking to make the switch from nicotine to cannabis to reap the medicinal benefits. 

Foggy Forest launched Canada’s best class JEWEL compatible THC and CBD pods. Fog Pods, our own line of JEWEL weed carts, make it easy to switch between a nicotine vape to a cannabis one. No mess, no jail-breaking, and most importantly, no stress.