What Is A Backwood Blunt?

There are different blunts in the market today, but only a few taste as good as the backwoods blunt. Made from 100% natural tobacco leaf, these blunts are purely iconic and have been featured in many music videos. It has a variety of flavors, especially the backwoods dark leaf with its characteristic rich rum flavor. This extract is made from tobacco that has been preserved for 12 months, and it just goes to show how much attention and detail is put into this brand to give it the best aroma and a body rush that is specific to it alone. 

If you are not used to smoking tobacco, at first, this might hit you hard enough to feel a little dizzy, but once you get the hang of it, you’d be hooked. 

Despite this blunt being the absolute rave amongst smokers, it has also been the hardest to roll. It requires a lot more skill and attention because it is not as stiff as a regular wrap, and because it is flexible, there is a risk of the wrap tearing. However, it is still surprisingly easy to learn, and if you adhere to the following steps, you will find yourself wrapping your next blunt like a pro:

How To Roll A Backwood 

For beginners, the following items are necessary to help successfully roll your first backwoods blunt: 

  • Backwoods cigars 
  • A tray 
  • A damp towel
  • Water 
  • Scissors or blade 
How to roll a backwood

Break Your Weed

The first step in this process is this. Before wrapping, you have to prepare your weed. You do this by either breaking the buds with your hand or using a grinder. Breaking it with your hand makes for a smoother smoke, while using a grinder provides ease of rolling. Either way is great and still gets the job done. 

If you don’t have a grinder and do not want to deal with the stickiness of the buds, you can use wax paper as a barrier. Or, if you store your weed inside a jar, you can throw in a coin and just shake it. 

Unwrap the Backwoods Leaf

You need patience in this part so as not to tear the leaf and waste a good cigar. Be careful when unwrapping. Each backwoods leaf has a side that is sealed tighter than the rest of the wrap, and it’s easy to follow this pattern. Start unraveling from the tight end and work your way to the tip of the leaf, slow and steady. 

Remove Excess Tobacco

This is the crucial part where most people mess it all up. More patience is needed here so you don’t crack the leaf. After you have unwrapped it, it is time to unroll from the cigar. You are doing this because you want to empty the excess tobacco in the leaf. If you don’t follow this step, you have transformed your blunt into a spliff. There is a major difference. 

Unroll the leaf slowly. For beginners, you might have to wet the edges to make it moist. This is where you use water in small quantities. You can use your spittle easily, but most people consider that unhygienic. After unrolling, empty the excess tobacco in a jar, and the leaf is ready to be filled. 

Backwood Blunt

Load The Wrap

Again, if you don’t want to use spittle, you can use a damp towel for this part. You want to moisten the wrap just enough for it to roll easily without breaking, but do not saturate it, or the whole purpose would be forfeited.

The Backwoods blunt has a particular shape that is different from other wraps, and filling in your weed might be a little confusing at first. However, this is a personal process, and with time you will find a suitable pocket for your ganja. 

Generally, you just want to make sure you fill it in the center point, so you can wrap your leaf around it easily.

Tuck And Roll

Back to the shape of the leaf, you’ll notice there’s a rounded edge and one sharp edge. The irregularity is glaring, so it would be hard to miss. Following this shape, you want to tuck and roll the leaf so the sharp end is facing outwards as that is where your cigar will be lit from. The rounded age is to be put in your mouth. 

When rolling backwoods, don’t worry about creating a perfect cylinder as the leaf itself is not tapered cylindrically. A cone is more suitable, so try going for this shape. You might not get it on the first try as a beginner, but that’s not a problem. Keep trying. And remember to apply pressure while rolling for a tighter wrap.

Seal Your Blunt

Now that you have successfully rolled your backwoods, it is time to seal it up. You can use your saliva to seal the edge or use cannabis oil to hold them together for an exceptional rush. You can also use scissors or a blade to smooth out the ends for a perfect finish. After sealing, it is now time to light up your ganja! 


Despite the vast number of brands out there today, Backwoods remains one of the most popular. It has a high nicotine content — courtesy of tobacco, which lends it an additional buzz that is the rave amongst smokers today. Also, these cigars burn forever, and that makes up for the price. 

Written by Lana B., Contributor and Editor at AskGrowers