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Buy Magic Mushrooms Online in Canada with Foggy Forest


Looking to buy magic mushrooms online in Canada? Foggy Forest is your go-to online shroom shop. We offer high-quality magic mushrooms, making sure they’re both good and affordable. Check out our unique products like Scoobie Snacks, Mycelium microdose pills, Moonlander microdose, Stamets stack microdose, and our classic Dried Magic Mushrooms.

Our prices start at just $35. We test all our products in labs to make sure you get the best product in Canada. We also tell you about the health benefits, dosage guides, and where our mushrooms come from.

The team at Foggy Forest has been in the business for a long time. We want our customers to be happy, get their orders on time, and enjoy the best products. When you want to buy magic mushrooms online in Canada, just look through our products, pick what you want, add it to your cart, fill out the necessary information and you will have magic mushrooms at your door in no time. 

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