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We believe in full transparency because your health is important to us. Please read this if you want to know exactly what is in all our products.

These cartridges are made for the newbie to the casual user with a lower tolerance. If you need something with higher potency please check out our distillate, CO2, or Live Resin cartridges.

*** Use this cartridge only on the lowest voltage ***

Vape contents details:

  • 1.0 ml strain-specific THC vape
  • approximately 260 mg of cannabinoids (THC, CBD, CBN).
  • Does not contain vitamin E acetate or diacetyl.

Cartridge details:

  • Full ceramic made by AVEO
  • Amazing airflow
  • Ceramic tip
  • Quartz glass
  • Porous ceramic atomizer
  • 510 thread

***Please note that cartridges may appear to be under-filled. Click here for more info.

*** Please be aware that liquid shatter and live resin are full of organic materials, unlike distillates. Because of this fact they can turn dark through oxidation and overheating. When vaping these, do not inhale for too long because it will cause the coil to get really hot. There is no way to totally avoid it turning dark, but taking it easy, or lowering your voltage (if applicable) will help.


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There are many strains and flavours to choose from! Try all the different ones that we offer.

Customer Reviews

Based on 82 reviews
Tony F.
great price, great product

The strains that I have tried so far have been great - I usually go with an Indica which helps me unwind and relax at the end of the day and sleep comes easy. The Sativa strains certainly helps me lift out of a depressive state and gives me some needed motivation and energy to get tasks done (done well I may add - lol) I have never been disappointed with my purchases from Foggy Forest!

Thank you so much for being an awesome customer!

Dave h.
Great item

Will definitely buy again!!

Ralph R.

ONE STAR. Purchased 4 different live resin carts, all of them are as weak as a $5 cart. I should have known with how runny it is, no joke it's like the e-juice I would use in my nicotine vape which is usually a sign of a really bad cart. I usually get going on a couple hits of those $35 - $45 live resin carts from in person dispensaries but I could smoke a quarter of each one of these carts and not get a buzz. On top of being carts for people with 0 tolerance, the flavour is initially pleasant but then becomes almost rancid to vape later on. I'm seeing a lot of reviews saying they're leaving 2 stars or 1 star that gets changed to 5, maybe by the company?

Hi Ralph. Sorry to hear you didn't enjoy what you ordered. These specific carts are made for people with lower tolerance or casual users. We do specify what many mg is in the cartridge. If you want something with high potency, then distillate or the pyro live resin carts are the way to go!

Good deal on Carts

Buy 3 get 1 works well on the pocket book just wished they were a little stronger.

Not good

After the first couple draws the flavouring goes away. My carts all have little floating particles inside the resin. The cart doesn’t seem to get me where I need to be. So sorry foggy forest this one is a 2.5 start.