Foggy Bitters – THC Infused Cannabis Cocktail Flavouring – 250 mg


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Foggy Bitters

  • 150 ml total volume
  • 250 mg of THC
  • 1ml dash = approx 1.66 mg of THC
  • Available in aromatic, grapefruit, lemon, and orange
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For all you cocktail-loving stoners, this is it! We are proud and excited to launch our latest product, Foggy Bitters. Made with organic ingredients, this cannabis cocktail flavouring is sure to add a little extra buzz to your drinks. Use them as you would use regular bitters, but just remember to take it slow. 3 dashes will give you about 5mg of THC. If you need precise measurements, we recommend that you use a measuring spoon. Available in 4 wonderful flavours, this first batch of bitters is limited to only 25 bottles each.

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Aromatic: THC, alcohol (46.6%), distilled water, organic herbs and spices, caramel

Grapefruit: THC, alcohol(45%), distilled water, fresh organic grapefruit peel, organic herbs and spices

Orange: THC, alcohol (43.9%), distilled water, fresh organic orange peel, organic herbs and spices

Lemon THC, alcohol (49%), distilled water, fresh organic lemon peel, organic herbs and spices

Additional information

Bitters Flavour

Aromatic, Lemon, Orange, Grapefruit

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Rock B.
Okay but label doesnt show much.

Its okay, a bit expensive for tha amount of thc in it.
Makes you more drunk than high. What i think is a minus is the factbthey show how many mg of thc per ml but there is no alcool % on the label, as it seems like some global 98% was used for the tincture and you might get very drunk before you get a little high.
Taste is intense, i like it, but im weird. Careful as its sour and very strong!

Maya L.
Great gift for foodies

I bought this product for my fiance and they've been enjoying it.
Great way to add some different energy to an evening.

The bitters are definitely a unique way to add a bit of THC and flavour into some delicious drinks! Glad to hear you are enjoying them :)