Magic Mushroom – 200mg Mycelium Microdose Pills


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10 pills per pack


  • 200mg pure organic Psilocybin Cubensis
  • vegan capsule
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Buy Magic Mushroom Microdose Pills Canada

Mycelium is the root system for fungi and are the building blocks that allow mushrooms to grow. They play a vital role in ecosystems, and their many uses are revolutionizing the way scientists and innovators are thinking and planning for our future, as they are only beginning to tap into its great potential as applicable to our modern world today.

Mycelium are fungi that allow for fermentation, rather like yeast (yes, both are fungi), but unlike yeast, mycelium is multicellular and can be carefully assembled into complex structures.

So, what does that mean for your microdosing experience? The all-natural 100% organic mycelium capsules are natural cognitive enhancers designed to help you stay focused and sharp, without any chemicals or preservatives. The mycelium pills 200 mg are ideal for those who are avid participants in the world of microdosing and are looking for enhanced cognitive performance through a holistic and natural approach. The regulated dosages and precise instructions allow for gradual conditioning and adjustment, allowing users to be in full control of the outcome.

This product is not meant to get you high. You may not “feel” anything because it’s meant to be used over a period of time. Please do your own research to ensure this is the right product for you.

Ingredients – Each capsule contains 200 mg of 100% organic Psilocybin Cubensis. All mushrooms used in our capsules are from fruiting bodies. There are no added fillers, starches, or grains.

Mirco Dosing Instructions:

  • Take a microdose on Day 1. Then, do not take a microdose on Day 2 or Day 3. On Day 4, take another microdose.
  • Continue this process for several weeks.
  • Microdosing every day is not recommended. Because your body produces tolerance to psilocybin, you might see diminishing returns after a few days if they are taken every day.


Magic Mushroom Microdose Pills Canada (2021 Deals) - Buy Shrooms Online

*** Please note: Microdosing products are intended for medicinal uses, not recreational. Don’t expect to get high from it, it is a MICRODOSE. The sensation of effects will depend on your tolerance. Please do your own research to ensure this product is for you.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Trying this out for the first time.

I’ve had 3 doses and I’m more calm and less anxious. Hopefully it will continue to get better.

Microdosing is a miracle that the world is just waking up to. Here's to better mental health for all!

Yunus A.
Kind of a cure

A newcomer to Canada in mid-40s and a person who never tried any sort of psychedelic for any purpose, at first I was so concerned about these hallucination effects or trip whatsoever you name them. Because I only needed relief for my stressful times here, especially with no sun interaction, and anyways I was so depressed. I applied the instructions as described in the info exactly and also start using full-spectrum vitamin b and d supplements and I started to feel ok in just a week. It feels very good now. I wanna buy-it again and plan to use it until summer. I actually will go deeper with this 'psychedelics as a cure' thing with consulting doctors specialized in this. Anyway in short I feel better now. Plus super fast delivery! Thanks.

Hi Yunus. Reviews like yours are why we love doing what we do - providing people access to products we know help people. We are very glad you chose us to be a part of your journey to better mental health!

Jade C.
Worth every penny!

The Mycelium pills are fabulous! I started micro dosing about 1.5 months ago and I feel happier, more alert and have a lot less anxiety. I stopped taking my anti-depressants (do not do that without a plan with your doctor) and this has been such a positive, life changing decision. My last order also came in 2 days!

Glad to hear they're doing well for you Jade! We love the new mushroom microdoses too :) They're such an awesome product

Chris A.
Magic Mushroom microdose

I don't believe that these have actually done anything than cost me $40.

Hi Chris. This product is a microdosing product meant to be used as a regiment over 1 month. It is not for 'tripping out' but to help with depression, anxiety, or PTSD. Please Google 'microdosing mushrooms' to do some research and get more info.