Moonlander – Microdose


10 pills per pack


  • 300mg Psilocybin Cubensis
  • 25mg CBD Isolate
  • 45mg Ginseng
  • 20mg Ginkgo Biloba
  • 20mg Maca
  • 25mg 5-HTP
  • 20mg L-Theanine
  • vegan capsule
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Buy Moonlander Magic Mushroom Microdose Pills Canada

Visit places you’ve never been with Moonlander. Take it with friends and connect on new levels. With its proprietary blend of crushed mushrooms, CBD, ginseng, 5-HTP, ginkgo, ginseng, maca, and L-theanine, Moonlander makes for the perfect Saturday night voyage to new worlds. People love Moonlander for its unique effects. It’s super convenient to take with you and share with friends.

Mirco Dosing Instructions:

  • Take a microdose on Day 1. Then, do not take a microdose on Day 2 or Day 3. On Day 4, take another microdose.
  • Continue this process for several weeks.
  • Microdosing every day is not recommended. Because your body produces tolerance to psilocybin, you might see diminishing returns after a few days if they are taken every day.


Buy Moonlander Mushroom Capsules/Pills Online in Canada (2021 Deals)

*** Please note: Microdosing products are intended for medicinal uses, not recreational. Don’t expect to get high from it, it is a MICRODOSE. The sensation of effects will depend on your tolerance. Please do your own research to ensure this product is for you.

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Customer Reviews

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Dylan F.
Alternative Medicine

I buy these for my GF as she's broken free of prescription SSRI's and is doing much better now overall than when on prescriptions. Also nice for a light mood boost on a night out.

Brad S.
Poppin pills

Hard to review this product since no buzz can be achieved with

Hi Brad. Microdoses are made to be used over time, intermittently. Some people feel a buzz, some will not. But what the science tells us is the brain will create new neural pathways which will be noticeable after about 10 doses in 30 days.