Rainbow Pie – AAAA


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  • Craft Cannabis cultivated in AB
  • Iced out buds
  • Flushed for 2 weeks
  • Hand trimmed
  • Small to medium sized, dense buds
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Rainbow Pie | Top Grade High-Quality Sativa Cannabis Strain

This strain is completely iced out. You can see trichomes caked all over the bud.

Rainbow Pie is a strain from Green Fire Genetics. This strain was created from a cross between Grand Blueberry Pie and Zkittlez, meaning its lineage contains traces of Purple Urkle, Mendocino Purps, and Grape Ape. The result is a stone-cold pure Sativa with the potential power to imbue its consumers with euphoric relaxation. Continue reading to learn what this powerhouse super-stoning rainbow weed can do to your brain during a late afternoon relaxation session.

The Rainbow Pie strain has a searing THC level, as high as 30% on the high end. It has an enriched flavor, like ripe blueberries mixed with funky cream and doughy nuttiness. Due to the Zkittlez genetics, it has an aftertaste heavy with fuel flavors and a tinge of baking spice, hops, and florals. Unsurprisingly, Rainbow Pie became the parent strain for Peach Pie, another powerful fruity favorite. The strain’s effects are not well-advertised, but we know it makes users feel less anxious, hungrier, and more relaxed. We recommend the strain for mid-late afternoons when you have nothing left to do and would like nothing more than to stretch out, relax, snack, and feel happy.

This is a great “unwind” strain, without being sedating. Users feel focused but also slowed down, stoned, calm, and happy. The flavors are focused on creating fruit-flavored excitement on your palette, with a come-down of different aftertastes, ranging from flowery pepper flavors to a bitter hint of hops, berry, and grape. We recommend this strain only for advanced users who can handle a strain that can reach 30% THC. If you think you can contain Rainbow Pie in your brain, however, it has every ability to make you happy that you tried!


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