Scooby Snacks – Mushroom Microdose


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10 pills per pack


  • 200mg Psilocybin Cubensis
  • 80mg Bee Pollen
  • 80mg Ginseng
  • 80mg Ginkgo Biloba
  • 80mg Spirulina
  • vegan capsule
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Buy Scooby Snacks Magic Mushroom Capsules in Canada

Scooby Snacks (aka Scooby Snax, Scoobies, or Scoobs) are the ideal solution to maintaining a good vibes only mindset while adding an enhanced natural energy boost. Often referred to as “herbal ecstasy”, Scooby Snacks are tasteless and provide the ideal natural high while keeping up your energy level. These are perfect for those mega lit music festivals, a fun night club-hopping around town, or even just for a little energy kick without worrying over the dosage.

Simply pop one, then see where it takes you before taking more. Each capsule contains Avery’s Albino (a popular strain of psilocybe cubensis), bee pollen, ginko biloba, spirulina, and ginseng. This combination of natural ingredients provides an energetic yet stabilized experience. Avery’s Albino mushrooms are favoured amongst novice users as they provide a more reliable experience.  Meanwhile, the other herbs have been traditionally used to boost stamina and vitality, and are widely used today. With each pack containing ten pills, you’ll have enough to last your day while knowing exactly what, and how much you’re ingesting.

This product is not meant to get you high. You may not “feel” anything because it’s meant to be used over a period of time. Please do your own research to ensure this is the right product for you.

Mirco Dosing Instructions:

  • Take a microdose on Day 1. Then, do not take a microdose on Day 2 or Day 3. On Day 4, take another microdose.
  • Continue this process for several weeks.
  • Microdosing every day is not recommended. Because your body produces tolerance to psilocybin, you might see diminishing returns after a few days if they are taken every day.

Buy Scooby Snacks Mushroom Capsules in Canada (2021 Hot Deals)

*** Please note: Microdosing products are intended for medicinal uses, not recreational. Don’t expect to get high from it, it is a MICRODOSE. The sensation of effects will depend on your tolerance. Please do your own research to ensure this product is for you.

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Customer Reviews

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Strong enough to have a good time but not fully trip. Just giggles and energy

Caroline B.

Just as described!

Great to hear it, Caroline!


This product has really helped me and was exactly what I was looking for. On week two now and my mood/energy has been increasing. Love scooby snacks

These microdoses really Scooby Dooby Doo the trick :) We are glad to hear they've been helping you!