The Connoisseurs | Premium Blunts AAAA+ Hand-rolled Pre-rolls 3 pack x 1g


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AAAA+ Craft Cannabis cultivated in B.C.

  • 3 x 1g cones
  • Made with hand broken buds
  • Rolled in hemp paper with all natural sugar-based glue
  • Sold in an air tight tube to retain moisture
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AAAA+ Premium Hand-rolled cannabis pre-rolls  | Click Here to buy Cannabis Weed Joints Online in Canada

The Foggy Forest is proud to present our own line of premium blunts. The Connoisseurs are 3 premium pre-rolls weighing 1 gram each, made with only AAAA+ flower or higher. It starts with sourcing the perfect quality of cannabis first. It must have the right moisture levels and THC levels to even be considered. Once the perfect strain is selected, the flower is then hand-broken. That’s right, no grinders, no coffee grinders or machines of any sort. By hand-breaking the cannabis, you retain all the goodness that gets lost when using a grinder. Once broken up, it is ready to be rolled in premium hemp paper and finished with a sugar-based glue, no yucky saliva! As you can imagine, this is a labour-intensive product, therefore only so many can be made. Choose from any of the available strains.

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Death Master, Zour Mango