Wollongong Psilocybin – Magic Mushrooms


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Wollongong Psilocybin – Buy Magic Mushrooms in Canada

The Wollongong Psilocybin strain was originally discovered in the Illawarra region of Wollongong, Australia. It is a highly potent member of the cubensis family and very unique strain. The trip can be very powerful, and can sometimes be overwhelming for novice/newbie users. We recommend that this strain is used by experienced psychonauts. A typical dosage of 2 – 4g can produce extremely powerful visual hallucinations, accompanied by a deep sense of connection with divinity and the world around you. The Wollongong strain is definitely what we would call an “introspective” trip.

Best Use

Spiritual awakenings are a gift. They can be life-affirming and life-changing at the same time. Psychedelic mushrooms are best used responsibly in a comfortable setting with friends or family. Abuse of this powerful natural medicine can have lasting and unforeseen effects. Make sure you have a clear and open mind before taking this trip to get the best experience.


0.5 – 1.5 grams – moderate to low strength

2 – 4 grams – medium to full trip

Length of trip

If taking a full dose effects should be felt within 15 – 45 mins. When taking a full dose of Wollongong magic mushrooms best to set aside 3 – 6 hours for the main trip with a lightness to follow. For the sensitive users, a lightness in their step may last a couple of days.

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