Wonders – Mini Pre-Roll Pack


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Mini Pre-Roll Packs by Wonders are perfectly formulated mini pre-rolls filled with 0.25g of premium flower that delivers the perfect 1 Hit Wonder.

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Wonders Mini Pre-Roll Pack | Buy Cannabis Weed Joints Online in Canada

Mini Pre-Roll Packs by Wonders are the perfect sized joint if you are blazing by yourself or want to share with a small group of friends. The mini pre-rolls filled with 0.25g of premium flower that will never go to waste. These packs are easy to carry, easy to share and even easier to enjoy. Using only high-quality flower – never trim or shake – each Wonders pre-roll pack comes with ten mini pre-roll joints to deliver a wonderful pocket-ready experience that’s ready to go whenever you are. After all, it’s the little things in life that matter the most. Wonders started with the goal of delivering a cannabis experience that hits just right. Whatever the occasion, our formulated flower blends provide a variety of wonderful experiences that helps you savour life’s most precious little moments.

Pre-roll joints are perfect for those times when you just don’t have the time, materials, or patience to roll a joint yourself. Users looking for a portable, accessible, and beginner-friendly way to enjoy cannabis will appreciate the convenience and value that pre-roll joints offer.

Enjoy a perfectly rolled cannabis experience that’s ready to go wherever you go and whenever you want!

Wonder Packs Include:

INDICAS: Tuna Kush, Lava Cake

SATIVAS: Fruit Punch, Durban Poison

HYBRIDS: Meat Breath, Crunch Berries

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Crunch Berry, Durban Poison, Fruit Punch, Lava Cake, Meat Breath, Tuna Kush


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