Wonders – Mini Pre-Roll Pack | 10 x 0.25g


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Mini Pre-Roll Packs by Wonders are perfectly formulated mini pre-rolls filled with 0.25g of premium flower that delivers the perfect 1 Hit Wonder.

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Wonders Mini Pre-Roll Pack | Buy Cannabis Weed Joints Online in Canada

Mini Pre-Roll Packs by Wonders are the perfect sized joint if you are blazing by yourself or want to share with a small group of friends. The mini pre-rolls are filled with 0.25g of premium flower that will never go to waste. These packs are easy to carry, easy to share, and even easier to enjoy. Using only high-quality flower – never trim or shake – each Wonders pre-roll pack comes with ten mini pre-roll joints to deliver a wonderful pocket-ready experience that’s ready to go whenever you are. After all, it’s the little things in life that matter the most. Wonders started with the goal of delivering a cannabis experience that hits just right. Whatever the occasion, our formulated flower blends provide a variety of wonderful experiences that helps you savour life’s most precious little moments.

Pre-roll joints are perfect for those times when you just don’t have the time, materials, or patience to roll a joint yourself. Users looking for a portable, accessible, and beginner-friendly way to enjoy cannabis will appreciate the convenience and value that pre-roll joints offer.

Enjoy a perfectly rolled cannabis experience that’s ready to go wherever you go and whenever you want!

Wonder Packs Include:

SATIVAS: Durban Poison, Hawaiian Snow, Bruce Banner

HYBRIDS: Thin Mint Cookies, Sunset Sherbert


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Bruce Banner, Durban Poison, Hawaiian Snow, Jack Herer, MK Ultra, Sour Diesel, Sunset Sherbert, Thin Mint Cookies, Tuna Kush, Blueberry Kush, Death Bubba, Orange Creamsicle

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Lisa B.

These are the perfect size. One is enough to take my pain away and help me sleep. I will order again

These pre-rolls are really wonderful. No waste!

The E.o.D.D.
Mini rolls are perfect

These mini rolls are perfect for two of us to share and avoid waste. A full roll tends to be too much and we end up saving them to avoid waste. This is much better!

The Girl Scout Cookies were a pleasant, smooth experience. Would definitely repeat this purchase.


Really smooth. Only took a few hits at a time ( meat breath strain).

Thanks for letting us know that you are enjoying the Wonders prerolls. They are my favs!

Melissa A.
The perfect size

Loving these little guys! Durban poison is perfection. They are the perfect size and have great flavour (I love the stinky stuff)