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Ive been getting these for a while now. Great price and never disappoint

Not good

After the first couple draws the flavouring goes away. My carts all have little floating particles inside the resin. The cart doesn’t seem to get me where I need to be. So sorry foggy forest this one is a 2.5 start.

Nice quality

Smells and looks great. Taste is ok and doesn’t quite get me where I need to be. Maybe this strain is for novice cannabis users or people who like a lite duty potency!

Very Good

Very tasty and very little harshness, perfect product and the flavours just makes it better.

Hard Case

Nice little cigarette style case for a battery and 1-2 carts...the inner foam is easy to alter if your battery is a little too big for the given slot.


Nice experience with these. Would purchase them again in the future.

Blue meanies

Took 4gs and when they first kicked in I thought I was going to puke. Lol so I hoped in a cold shower to rinse away the sweats and away I went. I was very sensitive to sound at first...silence and darkness was my friend. Felt like I was being almost pulled into a void, full feeling of oneness with the I was nowhere and everywhere at once.
Definitely would reorder and recommend to anyone looking for a journey 👍🏻

Co2 Indica

Hits and tastes great, worth the extra bit of change for these carts.

Small trial

Did a relatively small dose at 1.8gs. Great overall experience, definitely enhanced the appreciation of music and nature, nice vivid colours with a nice euphoric body buzz. Pretty sure me and the robins in my backyard are buds now after finding worms for them and assisting them find material to build their nest LOL! Looking forward to diving into a larger dose.
And a shout out to the foggy forest customer service for making it right! You guys are amazing 👍🏻

Love it.

Works well, fast shipping.

Love it

Drift off to sleep peacefully

Gucci Pink
Vincent V.

found there was some kind of candy/sweet taste

Exceptional taste and great feelz

Upon ordering this strain, I was very hesitant
and to my surprise, the bud turned out to be of great quality. Taste is good smells good and gets you where you need to be.

Decent quality

This vape juice is great for those smokers who like to puff all day long. Taste is ok.

Love. These
You feel them


I purchased the cbd isolate starter kit trying to find an adequate pain management tool for my fibro. I had tried oil before but found adjusting the dosage to my pain needs difficult with the dropper. This vape gives me excellent control over the dosage, has a smooth throat feel, delicate strawberry flavour, and lasts a long time. My pain is consistently controlled along with other tools in my pain kit and I couldn't be happier!


Love this stuff, helps me sleep and relaxes me.


Excellent mix pour bien relaxer et dormir.


Excellent produit pour ce détendre et s'endormir.

Seem to make a difference in getting a nights sleep. I would recommend this product.


They definitely find elaborate ways to embellish terpene flavours profiles and effects. Not great and not shit. Middle of the road quality smoke.

Harsh and Bunt flavour yumm

I have over 10 different 510 batteries and no matter how low of voltage and no matter how slow I would drawn in, the flavour is burnt and harsh on your throat.