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Not the flavour I thought it would be

I had a problem with my first cartridge, and Foggy Forest was awesome in rectifying this immediately. Customer service is unbelievably awesome. But when they sent me a new cartridge, it tasted so burnt and harsh, and makes me cough no matter how tiny a puff I take. Not the lemon flavourI was expecting at all. So I cannot give the cartridge a five star...sorry.

Nice day time smoke

Taste is decent quality gets you where you need to be but needed a small tolerance break to really feel it out. Take a day off between smoking and this strain will send you to the moon.

Nice products

First time for me with foggy forest and i really like the vape. Would prefer a stronger taste, but its only a personnal preference


I do sleep like a baby now...

Great high

Great high and the prize is amazing.


All are good with this product
Taste and efficacity
Help me for sleep

Nice buzz

This balance of CBD and THC really helped me to sleep. Good taste.

Worth It..!!

Easy to use and ready to go. Helps with mind and body relaxation and sleep….finally.


Smooth and fruity. Relaxes the mind and body. Definitely purchase again.

Works good, great customer support

the vape works great, it can get extremely hot to the touch around the glass bit but thats to be expected.

the battery on my first one didnt charge properly, but they quickly sent a new one on confirmation and that one is working great

Great product

Great product easy to use came with a little side gift exactly as described I help so much with my pain. Wish I didn’t have to look up the dosage. Otherwise, I love it.


Nice taste, really helps with sleep. Nice body high


Its my 4th times ordering this juice, really like it, you can take small dose during day and bigger hit at night! No smoke, taste and smell good!


ONE STAR. Purchased 4 different live resin carts, all of them are as weak as a $5 cart. I should have known with how runny it is, no joke it's like the e-juice I would use in my nicotine vape which is usually a sign of a really bad cart. I usually get going on a couple hits of those $35 - $45 live resin carts from in person dispensaries but I could smoke a quarter of each one of these carts and not get a buzz. On top of being carts for people with 0 tolerance, the flavour is initially pleasant but then becomes almost rancid to vape later on. I'm seeing a lot of reviews saying they're leaving 2 stars or 1 star that gets changed to 5, maybe by the company?

Hi Ralph. Sorry to hear you didn't enjoy what you ordered. These specific carts are made for people with lower tolerance or casual users. We do specify what many mg is in the cartridge. If you want something with high potency, then distillate or the pyro live resin carts are the way to go!


good product very soft and good little buzz

Fulllllll spectrummmmm!

Bought 99.5 cbd and this one, I can feel the difference between both pretty easily. This one is very good quality and give you a slight high of calmness

I can feel the difference

Calms my nerves down. Thanks

As good as Trinity force in League of Legends

Trinity mushroom increase my speed, ability power and strenght.

Vape carts

Really like the Honeywell my car leaked a bit upon arrival only happened to one of them I cleaned it and it still smoked okay I did notice they weren't quite full like the other ones are

Worth every penny

It herlped with my pain so much i ordered a second vape for my daughter. 100% Worth buying this!

Apex Edibles D8 THC CBD 3:1 Gummies - 300mg
Evgueni I.
Amazing product

I really like this product, but unfortunately it’s out of stock, I wish it’s will be available soon.

Great value

Its good, sweet tasting and very potent. The shape of it is not the most attractive, but the taste/high and scent are great.
This is a GREAT value for its price.


Loved it