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Rock B.
Best Wake'n'Bake strain

The taste is awesome for a Wake'n'Bake! Somehow makes the beginning of the day euphoric. Its also a very good strain at night but not too close to sleep hours as it kinda feels uplifting so it makes your thoughts wonder a bit.
Lovely little smell/taste that first reminds you of bibblegum but later into smoking, it becomes a little more spicy like a blue cheese but lighter.
Gives a good high, not bushing, mellow and but right on the spot for a good gaming or anything that requires focalisation.

Just as discribed and fast shipping

Just as discribed fast shipping!!

Not bad.

The bath bomb was okay. It didn’t dissolve very well, but I felt very light and relaxed.

Giggly Trip

Took about 2 grams and went for a walk with friends. We were out for over 2 hours walking through a park. Stopped to play at some playgrounds and felt like we were 12 again. Such a giggly and euphoric feeling.

My favorite. Tastes so good. Great high

Kush Mints
Ivy C.
Good….just not my favourite

This strain is perfectly fine. It burns well and tastes fairly neutral. And while I didn’t find it particularly helpful with muscle spasms, it does seem to help with surgical pain in general. It has been a little bit hit and miss when it comes to calming nausea and vomiting. I certainly have others that are more effective and therefore I tend to bypass it when feeling sick.
This strain is nice in social situations and I found it helped foster a fun level of dialogue/interaction. But unfortunately, it isn’t my first choice for medicinal use.

A great indica

As soon as I tried this strain I found myself consistently bypassing all the others in my collection in favour of it. It tastes great and burns great. It was consistently helpful with my nausea. Twice I averted a bout of muscle spasm with just a few tokes. Overall pain level was significantly reduced as well. This offered all the good qualities you look for in an indica but with no sign of feeling burnt out or overly tired. It is nice for evening pain control and there’s a good chance you’ll still be awake at the end of your movie;) I would certainly recommend this for medicinal help but also for use in social settings. I’ll be looking for it again, for sure!

Alternative Medicine

I buy these for my GF as she's broken free of prescription SSRI's and is doing much better now overall than when on prescriptions. Also nice for a light mood boost on a night out.

Night on the town!

This lighter concentration vape is much more what I've been looking for after trying many other distillate and concentrate pens. Nice for a night of pub hopping without getting obliterated and just a bit elevated!

Just Right

I started trying thc and cbd to help with work stress and insomnia/overthinking after quitting recreational use after college (33 now). This lighter concentration vape is much more what I've been looking for after trying many other distillate and concentrate pens. Will be sticking with this for awhile I think! Thanks FF!

Flavor explosión

Omg, I freaken loved the flavor in these! I use these to help me sleep at night and they are bloody brilliant. This is the only site I will order my gummies from. They're always top notch.

Sour Peach and gummy worms

These were alright, I much rather prefer the peach gummy bears.

I bought the gummy worms and those are badass! I will definitely order those again.

Really Eatable edibles 😋

These fruity little bites were delish and hits that right level of... Oh yeah baby let's have some fun and get our giggle on.

Great effect and Valie

Have greatly appreciated the value and effect


tres bon gout et jadore l'effet je le recommande


These 3000mg are powerful but not too much. They leave you with a nice and relax buzz. I will definitely buy again.

Pas déçue pentoute

Leur service est tellement rapide, tant par la poste que par courriel. J'ai eu un pépin avec la condition dans laquelle la vape est arrivée chez moi. Je leur ai écrit à ce sujet et ils m'ont répondu dans l'heure suivante et n'ont pas hésité une seconde à me renvoyer le même produit dans le jour ouvrable suivant. Great customer service!

Sale priced jewel

Man...the blueberry aftertaste lingered for just about perfect ti e. The buzz went on and on

Kicker with an even better price

Not harsh with a pleasant after taste and it kicked my ass for hours.

Very nice strain

Really like this one