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Great stuff 5 stars

Perfect for pain and speedy dey

Amazing product

10/10 great product. Have been buying for some time now, and always satisfied!


Fast delivery, wonderful product

Absolument fantastique. 10/10.

Something small that lasts awhile

This lowest dose of thc is perfect for the newbie. I’ve been smoking for many years but always hesitant with a gummie.
One of these last the whole day and if I need a spike I’ll take a hit off a joint.
You’ll figure it out with this package

Excellent product

Plain is not my favorite flavor at all, but it does the job. It was my first time with a sativa dominance and I did appreciate it.

Nice smooth buzz off the 3000mg

Transitioning away from buds, needed something discrete. Went straight for the 3000mg. It packs a punch and does the job but I would order higher concentrations if they were available just for kicks. Usually takes 10 odd puffs before the smooth buzz kicks in. Will be ordering again to try out the other flavors, very happy with the purchase.

No product received

Still no product after 1 month. No response from “customer service” after multiple emails.

Hey Kalvin! It's unfortunate that Canada Post has not delivered your package, but we are glad we were able to resolve the issue with you personally and get you a new order 🙂

Monster buzz!!

Great product, instant high and long lasting effects. Reduce my neck pain in a heartbeat.

Wonderful calming properties.

Tar Monster rocks.💜

I have chronic pain. So when I have intense episodes I use this for quick relief.Thank You Foggy Forest for having great weed pens.

We are so happy to hear our products are working well for you Geraldine!


The flavour on these ones are insane how good they are. Will definitely buy again

Defective pod

Received a defected pod and reached out to see if they can do anything about it and they have not gotten back to me.

Hi Ashley-Jane. Sorry to hear about the defective pod. We are more than happy to replace it for you.

THE best flavoured live resin I’ve tasted. And fantastic for those chill days with no obligations.

Fantastic all around, but can definitely creep up on you in you’re not careful!

Good vape

4 mode d intensité peut être activé par le bouton ou juste par inspiration

Great Strain!!

First puff and you feel the high creeping in on you no matter what your tolerance is, head high mostly. I only bought it cause on sale, and I don't regret it.

Glad to hear you are enjoying the prerolls!

Bonne vape bon prix

Elle fonctionne très bien

good product

I now have just about every line of the 1500mg CBD's. They all, including this one, give me relief from inflammation and take the edge of my pain so I can function. People in other reviews are stating it tastes horrible, well, I only have one that has a mint flavor, the rest are unflavored and really, you put it in your mouth for a bit so you don't really taste much and what you do taste is nothing compared to having pain all the time.

We are glad to hear the CBD is providing you some relief! You can also add a little bit to your tea or coffee for a little change 🙂

seems to work

I can feel the effects of the CBD but unsure if it is any different than others I have bought and tried...that is to say that this one is "focus", I don't feel any increase in my focus, but the inflammation and pain relief are there so it doing its job in my books.

works as stated

The fact that this is a 1500mg product is good. You can take a small amount and get the effect you need, or, take alot if needed as well and not have a mouth full of oil. I will defiantly buy again.

No head high- Great Product

This product is great for just relaxing without the head high. Definitely helping me sleep better. Can you use it during the day without worrying about losing cognitive ability.

The best

Tried a few different ones over the years, saw good reviews about this one praising it so i bought 2 right off the bat. Absolutely not disappointed, best one so far for me. Keeps my panic attacks at bay, helps me sleep and helps with my adhd during the day so i can function. 10/10 recommend

Not the best I got from here

Gets me in a irritating mood