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seems to work well

I have been using this not for about 2 weeks. I started out with .25mL in the am only, then increased to .25 in the pm before bed for back and shoulder pain. It helps with the pain so I can get through the day with out voltaren or massive amounts of advil and, I don't feel tired from it when taken during the day. Defiantly worth the money, I will buy again.


I love the taste of this especially in my vape. Very nice mellow high.

very satisfied with my order as always and i will had grape is not my favorite flavor, i will stick with strawberry i guess.

Above average

I'm still not sold on the tips, but it had a smooth flavor and was distilled correctly.

Great Value!

Don't waste money going to pot shops. These are where it's at. Can't beat the value for the money. I recommend this place to my friends.

Nicely trimmed and curated

I really loved this bud. Packaging is perfect and delivery was quick.

Tasty bud

I really liked the taste of this variety, and the effects are very smooth.

A Bit Harsh

I find this CBD e-vape juice is good for relaxation. It makes me tired so not the greatest for during the day and also I have to take little hits because it makes me cough a lot. But overall its alright. I won't buy again though.


Prompt delivery, does what it is supposed to.

Nice onset high

Bit of a dank taste but nice delayed onset high

Clean. Awesome!

It tastes clean. No iron aftertaste due to the fact that it is ceramic. I love it. Its much more quality than the usual u get.

It's worth it

Signing up was a little bit of a pain but it's worth it. never shop at a brick and mortar again. service is great and mail time is quick. I recommend getting some people together who want some and group order to save on shipping.


Took the 2000 mg and it s ok. Hard for the throat but ok . Was wondering if it contains E acetate or diacetyl? No mention on the web site....


Nice to Chill watching movie or gaming.


Love it help me with my sleep since my dad passed.

Very good stuff

When you learn how to controle it, it is perfect but its very strpng. Not for beginner.

Good and bad

The unit works well but a week after I got it the black pushbutton fell out and disappeared. I am await a replacement. If this problem is not ongoing the unit is pretty good.

Good sensation

Gives a nice long high !
Accentue la perception du sensoriel.
J’adore !

Great stuff

This thing packs a punch. Loved it

Delicious and potent

These things are great, take one in the evening and you'll sleep amazingly (depending on tolerance). I've found mixing them with distillate is quite the smooth experience as well.

Good stuff

Been ordering these for a while now and they're always top quality. Love em .

Maui Wowie Wowed

I love this vape cartridge! It tastes great as plain and gives me superior pain relief without blowing my brain off. It’s uplifting and keeps me clear and energized, happy. Will buy every time it’s in stock!

Prefer pinapple

Mentol and pinapple 3000 mg, nice for me, fruity for pinapple.


Absolutely amazing. Will definitely reorder!

Cartridge Palm Battery

Very very handy...easy to use and works dandy!