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This product has really helped me and was exactly what I was looking for. On week two now and my mood/energy has been increasing. Love scooby snacks

Very nice

Super relaxing. Pleasant.

Very nice

Helps me to focus on creative projects.

Amaziny Smooth!!

These new pens are soooo great....They pull so much easier and smoother than the older style which is much more effective.

Golden Teacher

Taken in minor doses, this is a lovely mushroom, gentle and potent at the same time. In low doses Golden Teacher provides a vibrant high for about 2-3 hours within an eight hour shift in consciousness. At this dose (.75 grams @ 124 lbs) there is a warm and hazy high with an overall sense of ease and calm. Stepping out of tie and space, Golden Teacher is a lovely high that is much appreciated in these times of COVID.


Really enjoy this and especially the flavour. It’s a sneaky buzz that allows you to function all day if used in small doses. I use it for pain mostly but as I need to function, this is for me.
Be cool to have the same buzz with edibles

Nice , smooth and tastes great 👍

Smooth and tasty, worth getting again


Weak buzz and it does not last very long. Unimpressed.

Live in Québec
Not receive after 15 days


These things are dynamite, I’ve taking them 3 times now and have been out like a light within 20 minutes. Truly a good gummy for a good night sleep. TKO!

Good stuff

I tried the wedding cake which was really good. The zkittles not so much but I have a pretty high tolerance so I couldn't say for sure, it still got me there just took a few more tries, maybe because of the more hybrid effects. I've tried a few other ones and all in all I'd say they're all awesome and do the job.

Grape ape

Love it, nice buzz, helps me unwind at the end of a day

Bright Fire Live Resin

Foggy Forest for the win! Great product. Write up on the Bright Fire was spot on. Can always count on a seamless transaction and good shipping times. Thanks!

Good pain Relief

This is a really good strain I am finding for pain relief. For some reason it actually makes me sleepy about an hour and a half after having quite a bit which is nice. It is not an energy lifter for me..


I’m so glad I decided to try these! These are awesome on those days you just want just a little something. A really nice subtle buzz and body relaxation. I love them

Very Happy

Excellent taste and flavor , a bit pricey for CBD but quality is there.


This thing f***ing ruled. Amazing taste and high, great price. I wish I had ordered 10

Lovely product

Nicely cultivated and trimmed, burns beautifully and gets you really high. Great weed.

Good for indoor use

A lot nicer than the ones you get in stores, distillate isn't for everyone but this one is pretty clean and works nice in the vape.


Truly a quality product, everything you could want in an CO2 cartridge, powerful and tasty.