Wow, I got it today and loaded it into a minifit. 2 short puffs did the trick, so much easier than flower with loading the arizer solo and the smell. I was using super mario 1:1. This blueberry 1:1 CBD works the same and I think it lasts longer. I am clear headed and have very little pain despite the rainy day so thank you!

Jenny T

This is potent stuff. My symptoms are more CBD, but I wanted to try this one and it literally somehow knocked my socks off. Jokes aside, the quality and effectiveness of this product is the most superior product I have ever experienced. With the 2000 2 puff was way more than enough. Maybe I am sensitive to THC, but one thing The Foggy Forest is sensitive to, is you. I have never been treated so fairly in my life. Their quality products and mind blowing customer satisfaction is rare. This company has it, quality from end to end. Can not say enough good things about my experience with the wonderful people and their incredible products! Go Foggy Forest Go! 

Kris J.

I found the foggy forest a few weeks back on Instagram and thought I’d take a chance. I am always on the look out for new MOMs. I’ve been smoking flower for over 30 years but I’m starting to feel the effects of smoking so I am looking for alternatives. Blue dream is one of my go to strains when I smoke flower so I was happy to see that I could get it in vape form here for 60 bucks I figured why not. I got it with pineapple and WOW! The vape was so smooth I was pleasantly surprised. I could also taste the terpenes that is blue dream. After 4 good hits I was feeling really good. I am not sure how long this will last me but it doesn’t matter because its so much better than smoking already.
Derek P.

I’ve smoked flower for years to help with anxiety I recently made a switch to foggy forest’s vape juice and am glad that I did! Their product is stellar. It’s convenient, tasty and has a sleek design. The juice lasts much longer than traditional bud and you smoke less so it feels less harsh on the lungs. I started out on 40% THC but have recently moved to the 90% distillate as my tolerance is quite high. I was nervous about the increase but it really isn’t as intimidating as it may appear. The high does not create paranoia which is one of my main concerns. I highly recommend this product to both casual or serious vapers.
Nikki K.

I’ve tried Pure Pulls, Flyte, Toko Gold and Southcoast shatter carts and wanted to try the FF so I ordered two of the Blue Dreams. First off, the flavouring is by far the best I’ve tried on any shatter cart. The grape actually tastes like grape. Pull is clean and smooth, and the plumes are discreet. FF has made an amazing product. Will definitely order again.

Gabriel Y.

Damn this stuff is potent! I blaze a lot and 3-4 good hauls and I am feeling damn good. Best part is my wife no longer whines about me getting all stinky. This will be the first winter where I am not standing outside freezing my nuts off smoking a joint. Netflix / chill / and vape! Can’t wait to try more strains!

Brian B.

I’ve recently came across the Foggy Forest website and decided to try the liquid shatter. Was absolutely thrilled with the results. The oil will darken, but it has absolutely no effect on the quality of the hit. The staff are friendly and respond quickly with any concerns or questions. Highly recommend!! Thank you for providing awesome products and top notch customer care!!
Huge fan,
Raine B.

I’ll tell ya people if your looking for something discreet to put in your regular vap pen to smoke anywhere then this is the stuff for you. I’m a true chronic and I received my 2000mg grape juice today and WOW this stuff hits the spot and anywhere. I mix it 50/50 with mix juice and it’s still killer. If your looking you’ve now found the right stuff

I quite enjoyed these. This was my first Foggy Forest purchase but it won’t be my last! I ordered on a Thursday from Calgary and thought I would have to wait until after the weekend. To my amazement, they brought it to my door the same day! I also love that the site shows which carts are Indica/Sativa/Hybrid.Others I’ve purchased have been a guessing game. I like a sativa-dominant strain for chilling on the weekends, but a couple of good hauls of Indica before bed helps me sleep right through the night :)!

Blind Vapor

Very satisfied with shatter pens and distillate, much more discreet than flower; very fast shipping.  Would definitely recommend. 

Cee K.

I’ve been a long time Foggy Forest customer, I’ll usually get the distillate and I’ve never received anything but quality from this site. Since I started using the foggy forest vape pens I’ve been able to sleep a lot better.

Tim L.

I’ve been a long time Foggy Forest customer, I’ll usually get the distillate and I’ve never received anything but quality from this site. Since I started using the foggy forest vape pens I’ve been able to sleep a lot better.


Really good products fast shipping seller seems very intent on making sure you are happy.

Emma S.

I love this stuff!!

I got a bottle of this before it was even up for sale on the website. I had enjoyed the 1000mg that I had ordered but wondered if that was the most that would be available. I had a great conversation with Frank and he said that 2000mg was doable. A couple days later I had my own “personal” juice in my hands. How crazy is that!! The customer service we get here is unparalleled!!

If you like the 1000mg…and you should! You will love the 2000mg, the price is great…the flavour options are many….I have tried grape and can’t find a reason to try anything else so I am not the best judge of the flavours.

Just get the good stuff…..2000mg is 1000mg better ha ha



The Foggy Forest

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